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  Hi friends!
I have some BIG news to share with you today!
Studio Calico will soon be offering beautiful, graphic, totally on trend LETTERPRESS supplies!
I can't tell you how absolutely THRILLED I am to get these fun products... so many possibilities to create  beautiful, sophisticated letterpress cards and embellishments- right from your own home!
Studio Calico will be carrying a Letterpress Bundle, Letterpress Ink, Letterpress Paper, and a variety of gorgeous Letterpress Plates!
Everything you need to get started!
AND... to make it even MORE fun and exciting- there will also be a Letterpress CLASS beginning September 1st! You can sign up HERE.

Here are a few of the plates that will be available- there are a ton of designs, but these are some that I'm definitely picking up!
This design by Shanna Noel was VERY popular in the Molly Add-on Kit and is making an appearance again as a Letterpress Plate! Can't wait to see the beautiful impressions these designs make!

This is another one of my absolute favorites- it could be because I had a hand in creating it! I came up with the words (they can be mixed and matched to create 30+ sentiments!) and Marcy Penner designed them! I think they're absolutely perfect for card makers- so many possibilities!

And, of course, who could pass up THIS beauty! This is one of the most popular stamp sets I've seen in a while- and it's BACK as a Letterpress Plate! Swoon!
Check out ALL of the fun Letterpress stuff going on at Studio Calico HERE!
I'll see you soon with some pretty Letterpress stuff! ;)


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