week in review!

 Hi, everyone! I hope you all had a great week! 

I'm here to show you some of what went down in the Washburn house this week! We had a pretty crazy week due to some teacher work days.... bahhhhhh... but I did manage to snap a few pictures on my phone!

Started the week off right by receiving this beauty in the mail! Thanks, Paper Crafts for the awesome prize boxes you send out to us lucky winners!

I ask my sister, Ashley, to craft with me OFTEN. She always says no. HAHA! But this time I roped her in by inticing her with a beautiful collection of Distress Stains and showing her how to watercolor with them. I think she really had FUN! Maybe she'll craft with me again sometime! LOL!

Last week we attended a bowling birthday party for a little girl in Aden's class. Once again, Aden was the only boy at the party... lol... what is it with parents thinking boys can't go to girl parties? It's a BOWLING party for goodness sake... haha! He had fun anyway and we got to bring Austin along so it wasn't so bad. 

Didn't have school Monday-Wednesday this week so I tried my best to find some things for this little bugger to do! While AJ is very independent and loves to play make believe all day, Aden is the EXACT opposite. Always needs something to DO. So, we went to the library for storytime on Tuesday! The boys learned about the Chinese New Year and had a dragon parade!

Back to school and back to homework! Aden wrote his first poem yesterday! YAY! Love that I can so easily capture this and have it forever. Technology is awesome. 

ONE MORE WEEK! AHHHHHH! I'm so excited to go to my very first CHA! I printed out all my stuff and I'm *almost* ready to go!

Thanks for taking a glimpse into our lives! Goal for next week- take more pictures of Austin! HAHA! He's so stubborn... hates to get his picture taken... lol. I'll have to be pretty sneaky!

Have a great weekend!


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