week in review!

Hi! How are ya today!

I've been thinking about adding more FAMILY/PERSONAL stuff to my blog and I think I found a great way to do it! I take LOTS of pictures with my phone- it's my go-to camera when we're out and about -- I probably take at least a picture a day with it. Each week- I'm going to blog some pictures that I've taken- kind of a snapshot into our world!

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our life!

Aden was chosen as a student with GOOD CHARACTER! Proud Mama right here!

The three students chosen from Kindergarten

We had ridiculously nice weather this week and decided to do some skating with our friend, Kyla! 

Always the gentleman, AJ helped Kyla up when she fell and helped her walk all the way back to the driveway.... too cute...

This dog tore this blanket off of my bed and made it HIS bed on the floor. Kills me. But he is so freakin' cute.

Top news of the week- Eric became an ORDAINED MINISTER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Got this in the mail. Apparently they're bored in Afghanistan.

One of our favorite places to go out to dinner- Logan's Steakhouse aka "The Peanut Place!"

Me: ok, your homework says to write all your capital letters A-Z and then on the other side write all of your lowercase A-Z. Aden: what do they want me to be doing homework until midnight or something?? Ahhh... The stresses of a 5 year old.... lol...
How can you not smile looking at those little faces! The boys enjoyed a nice bath and then warmed up in their new monster towels!

 Have a good weekend everyone!


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