Studio Calico The Underground Project Life Kit: Digital Stamp Brushes

It's here!
The Studio Calico The Underground Kits are available now! Check them out HERE!

I LOVE these kits! Beautiful fall colors!
Today, I wanted to show you a Project Life page I created using some of the Digital Stamp Brushes from Studio Calico. These Digital Stamp Brushes are a great value! Not only can you use them with photo editing software to create digital scrapbook pages, but you can also create cut files with them using Silhouette Studio! I'm going to show you how I did it!

First, create some 3x4 card cuts. Simply use the rectangle tool to draw a quick rectangle. Then, select the shape and adjust the size to 3x4 using the "Scale" tool.
Next, open the .png files in Silhouette Studio. Click file, open, make sure you have "All Files" selected for "Files of Type," and select the appropriate file you would like to open!
Select the "Trace Window," click "Select Trace Area," and drag an outline around the image. Unclick "High Pass Filter" so the entire shape will be cut out. Then, click "Trace." Delete the original .png file and you'll be left with the cut file!
I add my new cut files to my 3x4 card cuts and I have some fun cards to work with! I can either cut them out with patterned paper or do like I did today- cut them out with white cardstock and add accent patterns to peek through the negatives!

I had so much fun documenting Aden and Austin's first day of school with the Project Life The Underground Kit!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Check out the new KITS!
See you soon!


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  1. thanks for doing this! i'm gonna dust off my silhouette and give this a try!


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