My craft space AKA bedroom!

Hi! I'm very happy to show you all my little craft space today!
I shared this post on the Studio Calico blog on Wednesday and had a few questions about my space- I thought I'd share it here with some more detail. Hopefully this will help answer some questions you all had!
I do NOT have very much space to spare in my home, so I craft in the corner of my bedroom! Over the years, my space has grown and grown from that corner and you have NO idea how much I would love a space of my own! Haha! But for now, it's my little, happy corner of the house!

The first thing you'll notice is my bed in the bottom left corner and my husband's dresser to the right- LOL! This is very much my bedroom... you can craft from anywhere, people! :)
You'll also notice the lovely phone and headset sitting on my desk- I use this area for my day job, too! I'm currently working part time as a call center agent from home while I finish school- I spend A LOT of time at this desk! Haha!
I picked up my desk a few years back at Staples- super inexpensive, super practical. It does the job! And all of the white shelves and wall units are from Michael's- picked them all up when they were on sale or with a coupon!
Since my space is fairly small, I am really strict with myself about what I keep- if I don't have an immediate use for an item, it gets donated! My son's art teacher LOVES me... hehe...

I LOVE these wall shelves that I found at Michael's a couple of years back. They aren't exactly the same (the shelves are different), but they are just right for what I use them for. On the one to the left of my desk, I store ribbon, twine, washi, buttons, and some other miscellaneous things. Love how colorful and pretty everything is on the wall! And it makes it super easy to find things!
These shelves come with dowels for the ribbon, but I found that I can store more ribbon when they're stacked up like this and they're a lot easier to grab and use at my desk off the roll!

Ribbon makes me happy.... haha!

I also love the little wooden spools that I store extra twine and ribbon on- they were really inexpensive (I think I got them from Ribbon Carousel) and they are perfect for those little bunches of twine you can get!
I got the idea to store my buttons in these little jars from Dawn McVey! The jars are PERFECT for small embellishments like buttons and the lids are wide enough that you can easily dig through to find just what you want.

On top of the shelves to the left of my desk I have a carousel caddy that I keep markers, pens, scissors, and ribbon scraps in and an organizer for my "TO USE" products! This is the really fun stuff, folks! This is where I keep all the current kits for the month and any other products that I blog with for the month. It's the happiest spot in the room.... sigh.... makes me smile. Ha! Gotta love new stuff!
I picked up the carousel at Michael's (again, with a coupon!) and the aqua desk organizer is part of the Martha Stewart collection from Staples! I love this organizer because it holds12 x 12 paper perfectly and you can mix and match elements to get exactly what you want! Check em out: Martha Stewart Stack + Fit Desk Accessories

To the right of my desk is a shelf that is literally FULL of ink and markers... lol! I have *a little bit* of a problem when it comes to ink pads- gotta have them all! I also have my Copic markers, Distress markers, Distress Stains, Mister Huey's, and embossing powders up there! I reach for this shelf OFTEN!
A large majority of my inks are pigment inks from A Muse Studio. LOVE these inks and I have them ALL! They're perfect. The end. Melissa Roell is my consultant- she's AWESOME- check out her webstore HERE!
Hubby picked up these Copic marker containers a little while back- they fit perfectly on my shelf and hold 36 markers each. There are a lot of choices for marker cases in the Copic Marker store- here's a link to the one I have COPIC Original 36pc Empty Case.

I created these very helpful little color labels for my ink pads with coordinating cardstock- love the way they look all lined up in a row...

I keep all of my Project Life supplies in a basket that tucks in nicely under my desk. I very rarely work on Project Life at my desk because my desk is pretty small. Keeping the stuff in a basket makes it easy for me to tote out to the kitchen or living room to work on it!
I keep all of my page protectors in clear envelopes that are labelled with which design it is and a small sketch of what the page looks like. This has really helped me to use the pages that I don't reach for as often! I picked up the envelopes at Michael's- they were in the storage area where all of the shelves are. They are a little big bigger than 12x12 so they fit the page protectors perfectly! I think they came in a pack of 10 for about $6.

And above my desk I have a board where I display all of my projects for that month along with some family photos and notes from friends. I love looking up to see what I've made for the last release- so much fun!

I hope you all enjoyed the tour of my bedroom/office! Please let me know if you have any questions about how I organize anything!



  1. Thank you for sharing this! I just love seeing where others create. I really like your idea on the matching cardstock for the ink pad storage!

  2. Hi Steph - I loved seeing your crafting space - very nice! Thanks for the shout out about the Amuse Studio inks etc. I wanted to let you know that I have a 2013 Amuse Studio catalog coming your way soon and that we have three new colors of ink that just might fit on your shelf! Mermaid (blue/green), Apple (orange/red), Berry(raspberry) Have a great weekend!

  3. I love it! You are so organized! I love seeing those AMuse inks too! Yay!!

  4. Great space, very well organised, my favourite bit is your shelf full of inks etc, I have a thing for inks too ;) I only have a small space too, the corner of my lounge room and would love my own room but I must say my little corner makes me happy :)


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